Bates Motel: On the Fence…

Bates Motel
Season 1
Episode 1
Rating: * * * *


I did have great hopes for this series simply from the previews. I knew walking in that it was a cast filled with people I was completely unfamiliar with, but I kept an open mind. The show is perfectly cast with the beautiful and talented Vera Farminga as Norma Bates in tow with Freddie Highmore in the role for Norman Bates. I must admit that I’d been waiting a few months for the show to debut, but felt a bit lacked. It should be kept in mind that I’m a fiend for Alfred Hitchcock and other classics.

It was a mean tease to see a Cary Grant movie playing during the opening scene because it made me hopeful about it being set in the same time period as the original. I was quickly deflated upon seeing a pair of small earbuds in Norman’s ears a little bit later. It was also a bit too unrealistic to have the group of teenage girls swooning over Norman from the get go and taking him into their convertible.


With those minor annoyances, Bates Motel still proves to be worth a try, because the show has far more good factors.

Seeing how serial killers evolved is something I’ve always enjoyed seeing. It’s like seeing the anatomy of a tragic disaster. I love seeing the darker side of things and how it comes to pass. Maybe it’s the morbid side of me, but apparently others have this deep fascination. His mother has the darkest streak with a massive control issue and uses reverse psychology to sway Norman her way.

48168513_b0017f1687The house remains the same in style and I’m really happy about it. I won’t detail much on the show to keep from giving others spoilers.

It is definitely worth at least attempt and I’m hoping the second episode keeps up the same intensity displayed in the first episode. So count me in as having not selected whether or not it will continue to be as good at the first episode. Consider me on the fence.


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