Tutorial: Pretty Candles (twenty minutes)

I think it’s been fairly obvious that I’m into all sorts of arts and crafts. Visiting my parents in Colorado at this time and my mum asked me to help her with finishing off these gorgeous candles she was working on.

– tissue paper
– ribbon border
– sheer ribbon
– flowers
– hot glue gun
– regular iron


It’s actually quite simple if you have twenty minutes to spend on a project. We used bare candles to start with and cut out some tissue paper for the middle. The edges must be slightly folded in horizontally for support. I didn’t think to take a photo of this part, sorry.  My mum found the idea of how to do this online, although she isn’t sure exactly where she got it from.

She tried a heat gun to meld the tissue paper to the candle, but that didn’t do any good. Then she tried to use a hair dryer as the site had suggested. This was also epic fail. Instead she got creative and used the iron. I do not advise this unless you have a steady hand, because I eyed what she was doing and said there’s no way I could possibly do it without hurting myself. I am an accident prone by nature.



So here’s the tissue melted onto it. Has an beautiful effect once the candle melts, but be careful not to fry it and gently use the iron! It’s an art.


Next measure around the candle for the trim for the top and the bottom of the melded tissue paper.


I used a hot glue gun on this portion with a spacing of an inch between dots of glue. Try to smooth it on without burning yourself. I fried my poor fingers and they’re still a little tender from my wiping away excess hot glue from the trim.


Next use the sheer ribbon, measure it out with at least an inch of leeway and for folding purposes.


Twist the very middle like this, secure it with a dot of glue, hold onto as the glue cools.


There’s a trick to not burning yourself here. Use the scissors to apply the rough edge of the sheer ribbon while there is hot glue under it. The other side needs to be folded over a little to make it pretty and smooth. Glue it over the rough side.



Then this is the easiest part of it all! Glue the middle flower on the center of the twist and a flower on each side of it.


Place the candles in their home….


Voila, you are done!

Just be really careful not to burn your fingers with the hot glue. Usually I am very careful, but was surprised as to how many times I burnt myself and peeled glue off of myself. The tips of my fingers are very sore and tender. Not something I wish on others since picking up something not room temperature hurts.

Isn’t it pretty tho?


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