Roots: Elvira + Vincent Price

house vincent

Vincent Price is the father of macabre with a melodiously recognizable voice and sinister laugh. I honestly couldn’t pinpoint when it was I’d first gotten into him and had to ask my mum. I was about twelve years old when I really got into Elvira reruns, the show she hosted. Apparently she had Vincent Price shown in a movie, but she wasn’t Elvira in very many things. I absolutely loved seeing him on there and it took off. I’d seen him in small things like commercials and very vividly remember his Tilex commercials were hilarious.  It also turned out he did a voice in The Great Mouse Detective. It was one of my favorite movies before I set eyes on him. If you think you don’t know or haven’t heard Mister Price before, he also did the narrative for Tim Burton’s Vincent. 

And yes, my mum let me watch Elvira as much as I wanted. So very thankful for my mum who let me grow and gravitate in my own ways.

Mirror, mirror, who’s the most drop dead gorgeous one of all?


Finding anything Vincent Price related after first discovering him made me incredibly happy. He’d been dead since 1993, a few years before I’d had the chance to become familiar with his body of work. I love his sinister laugh, the eyebrow raises, ability to make me laugh and smile. It’s kind of hard to amuse me. Over the years I’ve managed to track down almost everything movie related to Vincent. I love that he’s done so many Edgar Allan Poe related pieces too.


Vincent and Cassandra Peterson (Elvira) were actually close friends. I think that’s so wonderful beyond words. Couldn’t be more perfect. Both are responsible for my roots in humor and horror. Two very wondrous worlds.


My humor has always had a touch of darkness to it, a little warped and at times campy, although I am very picky. Mine runs more in the vein of Elvira, Vincent Price and Bruce Campbell. I can’t bring myself to watch the new Evil Dead, even though Brucey is supporting it fully (yes, I said Brucey and I still a devout fan). When I showed the original to friends, I giggled over the tree-rape bit and no one else was amused.

WARNING, DO NOT WATCH THIS CLIP FROM EVIL DEAD IF YOU ARE EASILY OFFENDED 😉 but it certainly proves that nature is not a bitch…


2 thoughts on “Roots: Elvira + Vincent Price

  1. I always liked Vincent Price. He was my favorite in an old-time fright flick. His House on Haunted Hill scared me crazy, but I watched it every time it came on late at night. His voice is/was classic.

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